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Atlanta's a great city, man. Every city has it's ups and downs, but for me and my healing process, Atlanta's been a great city. I've been in and out of Grady and Emory hospitals having research done and tests done. 


I pay $35 a day where I stay. That’s the reason why I come out here and clean tires and glass, be a tour guide, I do everything. I pay my rent on a daily basis. I eat on that money and I keep my cell phone turned on. I’m not out here begging. 


I had a culture shock here. I never seen people be homeless where I grew up in Africa so I got inspired to make a film. I didn’t have a gold pot but I had a gold mind so I been banging these bracelets for ten years.


About six times a day I have to say, “I’m not for sale.” That’s just how a lot of people live on the streets. I don’t belong on the streets *tears”. I have a masters degree, I don’t belong on the streets! I have cancer. I need medical treatment and a home to live in and a job. 


I have a daughter. *crying* She’s 13 now. I lost custody of her and when I lost custody of her, that’s when I started using. Just trying to cover up that pain, you know? Cause that’ll kill you. 


I’ve learned that you can’t look at nobody and judge them, cause you never know. No, I don’t do drugs. I’m just in a fucked up situation.


This is my life and I love it. I don’t allow anyone to just come down here due to the fact that I like my space. This is my castle and I am the king of my castle. 


I was working on a multi-million dollar house. It was right around Christmas in 2009. They had a leak and I was helping fix the chimney. The ladder kicked out from underneath me and I fell thirty feet on to their wood deck. I thought I was dead but I’d just shattered my ankle. The doctor said I’d never walk again. 


He died in 2006. It’s been a while but I still think about him cause it was the happiest time of my life. I wish he was here right now. I really did love the guy. I did. After all these years, I still love him.


My dad woke me up on the 28th of April and said, “we got to take your mom to the hospital cause she’s dead.” ... I walk out and she’s slumped over on her futon with a burnt out cigarette in her hand. Next thing I know, I’m riding home with her ashes.


my grandmother told me that if I ever got pregnant she would put me out. I never thought that she would really do it and when she did, I ended up getting with the wrong people. I’ve been kidnapped. I’ve been held hostage. I’ve been raped. 


I learned how to prostitute at a very young age. I was 16. It was bad, but you learn how to work it, honey. I got my teeth veneered… I did a lot. I worked it.


So, I was sitting on a stone and I was like, “God, I never asked anything of you, but what am I supposed to do?” In my head I heard this voice say, “walk up the hill.” So, I walked up the hill and this big guy came across the street and he said, “let me help you cause that looks heavy