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Actually I’m not homeless. I have a place but… I do drugs. I stay in Norwood and I prostitute over here [downtown] so it’s too far to go home and come right back over here. I might as well go on and stay over here in the downtown area, keep going, get clothes from the shelter. 


I went to prison for four years because of the PTSD. A cop was dragging me by my hand and I bit him right there [pointing to upper arm] and when he pulled out his cuffs, I bit him there [pointing to wrist]. I did four years in maximum security. 


She was just always getting ridiculed by guys on the street because she was talking to herself cause sometimes she’s not on her medication like she’s supposed to be. I used to worry about her like that. Sometimes schizophrenic people wander off.


she was best friends with Jerry Garcia’s baby mama, Manasha Garcia, so we traveled with them a little bit. So, she thought that because of his drug connections that the FBI was always after us so it kinda made sense.


I’ve been in Pittsburgh [Atlanta Neighborhood] since I was like 25. I had started out dancing when I was 21. Started snorting powder and drinking alcohol. I was a hot mess, honey. A hot one. But, I made money.


Then, as I got older, I wanted to be in love with him. I kind of seduced him as a little girl. I don’t even remember how old I was when I got pregnant. It was kind of traumatizing. I think I was twelve or thirteen. He was about fifteen years older than me. 


Otis: I take medication for the mind and nerves and stuff. If I didn’t have Grady I wouldn’t make it. They give me my medication and they take care of me.