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Rochelle: I was seven and my cousin was fifteen. Now, I’m fifty-five. Did anybody talk about stuff like that back then? Hell no. Did I know in my seven year old mind that something was going awry? No, I did not. But, in his fifteen year old mind did he know? Hell yeah. 


Actually I’m not homeless. I have a place but… I do drugs. I stay in Norwood and I prostitute over here [downtown] so it’s too far to go home and come right back over here. I might as well go on and stay over here in the downtown area, keep going, get clothes from the shelter. 


I don’t know why but, I just couldn’t cry. But I was hurt, you know? This is my blood. This is my granddaddy. I looked at him and he turned around. I could tell that he wanted to say something. I don’t know if he was trying to tell me he was sorry or what. 


I would want him to know that even though it seems that I’m choosing the drugs over him, that it’s really not the case. *Balling* I don’t know… I just… I don’t know where to start to even get right. It’s not really stopping using the drugs that I need to deal with as much as why I use the drugs in the first place.


When I was a little older, my mom would let the dope man stay at our house. I think there were times when she would let them come upstairs and mess with me for a couple of hits. 


BW: Do you forgive him?

Linda: Yes. I love my dad. He’s a good man. He’s a hard worker and always took good care of us. He’s not a bad person. I don’t know what made him do that.


I was separated from my sisters and sent to live in foster care. While I was in foster care, I was molested by three different people. There was one that it happened the most with. His name was David.


I saw my dad one day when I was prostituting at the Bouldercrest Pilot in 2003. He called over and said he was looking for a girl. I said, “is your name Kenneth? You look real familiar. Sure enough, it was him.