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Once my mama found out, she began to [treat me different]. It made me upset to the point I just didn’t want to be around nobody. Her people, her sisters and brothers, them some ignorant folks when it comes down to HIV. I’d have to clean with Clorox every time I used the bathroom. I went into a shell. I went into a deeper depression.


God say he would never put no more on you than you can bear so I go through these trials and tribulations and the struggle and it hurts. It really hurts. Cause you know you a good person. Deep down inside your heart, you a good person. 


she’d beat the shit out of us, mainly me. I think she wanted me to be a boy instead of a girl. I think she was jealous of a five year old kid. Like a man would look at me…


I grew up up on this road. Today is the anniversary of my mother’s death. I only have five memories of her and one of them is walking up and down this road, picking flowers


Yeah, I’m happy cause I waited so long. I think did good. I aint like most of these girls with 5,6,7,8 babies. 


By the time they found me, my mom had already passed away and been cremated. I never really got to tell my mom that I was sorry. 


My mom passed when I was 9. She was really sick, She had been addicted to crack cocaine, but she got her life together. The last three years of her life, she spent with us, clean.


My dad woke me up on the 28th of April and said, “we got to take your mom to the hospital cause she’s dead.” ... I walk out and she’s slumped over on her futon with a burnt out cigarette in her hand. Next thing I know, I’m riding home with her ashes.