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Atlanta's a great city, man. Every city has it's ups and downs, but for me and my healing process, Atlanta's been a great city. I've been in and out of Grady and Emory hospitals having research done and tests done. 


This Ninth Ward is a jungle. It’s been a jungle ever since I was sixteen. They killin’ they own people down here and it’s sad. This is the hidden south,  C.T.C, Cutthroat city. We don’t do it to others, we do it to ourselves.


I’ve made twenty to twenty-five grand in a night before. I’m on the Internet for one robbery for $15,000. It took me a few minutes to make that and I robbed people often, A few times a week. 


He brought me here [New Orleans] about 2 months ago. I’m pregnant again, as you can see, about 5 months. Recently he up and just disappeared. So, this is the position I’m in at this point. 


I have a daughter. *crying* She’s 13 now. I lost custody of her and when I lost custody of her, that’s when I started using. Just trying to cover up that pain, you know? Cause that’ll kill you. 

Frenchie Moe

So yeah that’s it. Two people vow to “jump off a cliff” together, at the same time, out of crazy, insane love, but only one of them actually jumps when the moment comes. And someone gets stranded. By themselves.


 I lost a full ride scholarship to Oklahoma State University for wrestling because she decided she wanted to smoke crack and be a prostitute instead of working a job and being a mother


The police were doing more stealing than we could ever do. If you walked down the streets during Katrina time, they had the right to shoot you because of curfew. There were people who were stranded on their roofs, watching alligators eating people right in front of your face.