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 I’m sick and fuckin’ twisted. I think somethin’ done snapped inside my head that relates money to sex and sex to money. I think I started at such a young age that there’s something in my head that correlates the two.


I was a straight up nympho from the time I was 14. I met my x-husband and it was crazy though. I would sneak out the house, steal the car, drive over to his house, do what we do and come back home, like it was an every day thing. 


BW: Darlin’ you’re making me nervous. I’m not asking you to tell me anything illegal. If I’m not asking you to tell me anything illegal, why do you think I’m a cop?


By the time they found me, my mom had already passed away and been cremated. I never really got to tell my mom that I was sorry. 


When we parked, he grabbed me by my throat. I thought that it was the last breath I was gonna take. I thought, “this is it.” He was trying to get into my pants. I don’t think that I’d ever been that scared. 


My mom passed when I was 9. She was really sick, She had been addicted to crack cocaine, but she got her life together. The last three years of her life, she spent with us, clean.


I learned how to prostitute at a very young age. I was 16. It was bad, but you learn how to work it, honey. I got my teeth veneered… I did a lot. I worked it.