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 I was really young. Like 13. One day I got my period and I thought I was gonna die. She gave me a yellow Vicodin and told me it was a Naprosyn and I was like, woah this is great. Ever since then I loved them. After that it was like drugs all the time.

Ariel Part 3 of 3

Right now I’m pregnant with twins. I’m only five months but I’m big as hell. People ride past me because they think I’m getting ready to pop and they don’t stop so some days I stand out there forever. I might just catch one or two dates. Sometimes none at all. 


They had his DNA all over the tea cup [he had drank out of], the condom with his nut in it, they had his fingerprints. They had everything but Fulton County didn’t send my rape kit to the GBI [Georgia Bureau of Investigation]. They lost it.  


I went to prison for four years because of the PTSD. A cop was dragging me by my hand and I bit him right there [pointing to upper arm] and when he pulled out his cuffs, I bit him there [pointing to wrist]. I did four years in maximum security. 


He started throwing plates and stuff like that. He was snorting coke. He started taking off his clothes, looking at me, playing with himself. He made me take off all my clothes and he tried to rape me.


Most people think that when we women end up on drugs we have a choice but… Even though we try to bury the truth, the past replays over and over like a camera.


Yeah, I got attacked in 2006. I was at the underground in Atlanta and went through the garage to get out the other side. Three guys jumped me in the garage. They took me to a house for three days.


He took me and kept me in a motel for about three years. Held a gun to my head while he raped me… he’d sleep in front of the motel door cause he didn’t want me to leave. Yeah, we were in Donalsonville, GA. 


He knocked me out cold in my own house and tried to rape me. When I came to and started hollering, my dog started going crazy. That startled him and he took off. 


When we parked, he grabbed me by my throat. I thought that it was the last breath I was gonna take. I thought, “this is it.” He was trying to get into my pants. I don’t think that I’d ever been that scared. 


The toughest day of my life was the day I got raped. I got in the car with somebody who I thought was friendly and he wasn’t.


BW: Do you forgive him?

Linda: Yes. I love my dad. He’s a good man. He’s a hard worker and always took good care of us. He’s not a bad person. I don’t know what made him do that.