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He did get straightened out and went in the military but, he ended up getting back on drugs and committing suicide at 35. But that ended up being good too. 


I have dreams of making this place a restaurant. It could be a nightclub. See, that’s the stage over there. Booths here, booths in the corner.


I busted a window and yelled “help, help, help!” and nobody came. I couldn’t reach the phone because it was under the bed. I thought I was dead.


I was going with this guy who was doing it and I didn’t know. I walked in on him smoking. I wanted to try and I been on it ever since.


Well, nobody wants to believe that their mama done some shit like that. I mean, what kind of mother can leave an infant in a crib, pack up, walk away, take your brother from you, and abuse him the way she done?


you know, in all these years, I’ve only had one person say anything negative to me and it was a 12 year old girl. She called me a fag and told me to get the fuck out of here. 


Tiffany: I lost my kids, my house, my car. I lost everything because of these pain pills. I’ve drank alcohol, done coke and other things and all of that was easy to quit. But, I just can’t quit the pills. I get sick if I try. Everything is just gone…


I’ve gone to so many rehabs and I just can’t seem to stay sober. I think maybe it’s because I was molested by my older brother.


Dude tried to kill her. We were in Chicago. He just started cutting her. Slicing her face up. She had blood all over her. All over me. I just blacked out. Couldn’t do nothing. I woke up with her laying next to me. She was still bleeding.