Atlanta, GA
Tasha: I’m forty-four and I’ve been in these streets since I was about sixteen. 

BW: How did that happen?

Tasha: My next door neighbor got me started using drugs. one day I was locked out of my house from school and he offered me some [crack] because he wanted me to have sex with them. After a couple of tries I finally gave in and done it with him. 

BW: How old was the neighbor?

Tasha: He was in his thirties. 

BW: Do you have any idea why you chose to do it?

Tasha: The lack of attention. I always had all the attention from my dad. When my sister had a little boy, all the attention went to him so I guess I sought attention in these streets and I get it. You get praise and glory in the streets. My name was on everybody’s lips. I’m a legend. 

BW: Why are you a legend?

Tasha: Because I’m known for what I do and doing it good. My daddy told me whatever I wanted to be to be the best and I am the best.

BW: Do you have any regrets?

Tasha: No

BW: You don’t have any regrets?

Tasha: None. Everybody has a path which they must take. My lifestyle was already written and ordained before God called me into existence. 

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