Atlanta, GA
BW: What brings you to Atlanta?

Yummy: I was trying to get into the adult film industry and then I lost my connection. Kinda got stuck out here.

BW: Can you tell me about something that really changed your life, for better or worse?

Yummy: Well, when I was younger, I was um… actually molested. So…

BW: How old were you?

Yummy: I was eight. I never really told anybody. I do feel like that’s what pushed me in the direction where I’m more sexual, I guess, even though it’s used more for a commodity. 

BW: You never told anybody about what happened when you were eight?

Yummy: No, you are the first person.

BW: Was it a family member?

Yummy: It was an [older] cousin. But I think being exposed to that at such a young age. It’s really something that stuck. 

BW: Was it a one time thing?

Yummy: It was like a two time thing. The first time you really don’t know what’s going on. The second time you’re like, “how much of a donation are you making?” 

BW: You didn’t have that conversation with him at  eight years old did you?

Yummy: No but that’s what it transpired into. I told him that I would do it for something in return. What was in return was a particular snack that I liked. Teddy Grahams and hot Cheetos. It was something you would idolize as a kid. You like, damn I gotta do this shit anyway… so when I reached a certain age, that’s when I started using it as a commodity. A way to get things that you want.

There was this one time… basically I was not too good at science. I needed to make an A on this project. There was this guy in my science class and he was kinda digging me and we made a proposition and I came out with an A on my science project. I had this awesome poster. 

BW: So, he made a poster for you in exchange for sex?

Yummy: Absolutely.

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White Boy