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Paul - The Power of Storytelling

I almost froze to death in there—they shut off all the heat in the buildings. I was in a locked cell by myself with paper clothes on. All that was there was a mattress. The guards really beat the shit out of me; when I first got there I was having blackouts, and apparently I was talking a lot of shit to the guards.

Yemoja Oshun - Healing through BDSM

I met Yemoja Oshun at an art market in New Orleans and I was immediately intrigued by her career path so I asked if she would share her story with me. Our conversation focuses largely on healing her own sexual abuse through BDSM and her role in helping others heal through sensual bodywork.


This conversation took place on January 31st, 2017 at the neutral ground on St. Roch Ave. in New Orleans. Raskull had been hopping trains with her boyfriend Ian and her dog Spaghetti for quite a while by the time I met her. Here’s a brief glimpse into Raskull’s life.


The episode that you’re about to listen to touches on all three, addiction, mental health, and New Orleans. I’ve known David in passing for a few years. He was a barista at a coffee shop I often went to on Lower Decatur in the French Quarter. He was also roommates with a friend of mine, Corey, who died from a fentanyl overdose last year. 

Introducing Audio Stories

For years now I've considered how powerful it could be to share audio stories. Finally, a couple of weeks ago, I decided to really pursue that. I started a podcast by the same name, The Hidden South, and it's now available on most of the major podcast apps.