Long Live the Tramps

Stories by train hoppers, hobos, and tramps

I've never met a train hopper who didn't value freedom above all else.  There's a romance to the lifestyle that I've always been drawn to. None that I've met consider themselves victims. They are adventurers, proudly embracing the label of hobo and tramp. Many are anarchists, passionate about their views on society, and most have a story to tell. 


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“Perhaps the greatest charm of tramp-life is the absence of monotony. In Hobo Land the face of life is protean—an ever changing phantasmagoria, where the impossible happens and the unexpected jumps out of the bushes at every turn of the road. The hobo never knows what is going to happen the next moment; hence, he lives only in the present moment. He has learned the futility of telic endeavor, and knows the delight of drifting along with the whimsicalities of Chance” 
― Jack London, The Road